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Bill Emmott, the editor of The Economist on the left and Brian Barry, the Tokyo bureau chief of The Economist on the right
Bill Emmott, the editor of The Economist visited Japan on his tour through Asia. Ever since I met Bill, I've become subscriber of the paper version of and an avid reader of The Economist. Bill is a Japan expert and has written numerous books about Japan. It's great having someone who knows as much as Bill as the editor The Economist since Japan is not getting much coverage these days. We talked about the feedback Bill has been getting on the strong stance The Economist took on the war and how interesting and useful the feedback was. Brian noted that Bill got more feedback because his articles had his name on them. I explained that a lot of bloggers link to articles in The Economist and that if they used Technorati, they could track bloggers writing about the articles and get feedback more quickly and in more detail.

We also talked a lot about Japan and many of the problems Japan faces. Bill is very supportive of our efforts and I hope that with Brian's help, we can get The Economist to cover Japan in an objective way. Media coverage will be essential in our efforts to push for more transparency.

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Not to be a schill but if you use Feedster you can also look for more than just links i.e. contextual references.

Just a thought.

Great stuff though. I'm glad you're working with the Economist on blogs. Very cool.