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As a Quaker, I wonder if you're allowed to think about hard-on's in church and joke about people's deaths on your blog. Or maybe being an A-List blogger forces you to resort to deadpan humor to tighten up your style. ;-|

Doc Searls
Other dead Atkins headlines  
I'm still on the Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins isn't , of course. I mentioned that a couple days ago under the headline Ultimate Diet . Since then I've regretted not using either of two other headlines that came to mind at the time:

100% weight loss
Dead weight

Anyway, both Doc and I are on the Atkins Diet which is basically a low-carb diet. Many people swear by it, but many people continue to warn me against it. It's too bad that Dr. Atkins died, but at least he died of an injury and not of something that could be tied to the Atkins diet.


As I understand it, based on my fiancee's past regular attendance at a Quaker meeting, you can think of anything the spirit moves you think of. Even hard-ons or jokes about death.

Aw, c'mon, I had "Atkins switches to all-soil diet, begins rapidly losing weight". Doesn't that count?

or maybe he was too lightheaded from a severe lack of carbs that he feinted and that's when he hit his head...

seriously, losing weight is one thing, but you shouldn't do that at the expense of getting fit. cardio work (using a hrm (heart rate monitor)) is one of the most effective ways of weight management and fitness gain... I'm worried about you Joi.

Don't worry about me Pete. I'm exercising a lot. I'm doing a HR monitor based treadmill approximately 3 times a week for 20-45 min at a time, personal trainer twice a week. I'm going to start biking to the office too. Once I hit 20% bodyfat, I will balance my diet.

Anil: Well, I would not expect any less from you so it was not noteworthy.

nice effort Joi... I've made a few changes since we last met too...

Since last Sept I run three times a week, have climbed in the Alps loads, gave up coffee and all other caffeine, gave up sugar and all related foods too - I mainly eat just veggie stuff and fish. Sushi has become a staple :D and my 9 year old son is loving it - it's his favourite. I also cycle most places around Brighton too... (spoil yourself and invest in a new bike for your commuting - - and look for the 'Bad Boy' - suit you down to the ground!)

your plan seems well focused - you won't have any problems hitting your goals...

Actually, I ride to work on a Connondale "Bad Boy"!!! ;-)

Actually, I ride to work on a Cannondale "Bad Boy"!!! ;-)

ah! Great minds and all that! Thought it might be interesting to discuss exercise and diet and how it fits in with us 'professionals' and our busy (and dinner oriented) lives...

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Even though I'm on a strict diet myself this all brings back the old 80's bumper sticker "Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway".


I tried the Atkins diet last year, worked great, lost 25 cocky, went off diet, regained 25 +5

Fast forward to today, I just started the diet again, im hoping to lost the 25+5 and start working out (became very lazy in the past year).

The much of the carbs can save your life!

Atkins Could Have Survived If He Had More Carbs He Was To Weak

try a raw food diet. it will save your life. I promise

"Dr. Atkins died this past week. Attendents of his funeral all made appreciative remarks about the large chocolate cake that was served at the refreshment table."

You all are probably a bunch of unhappy fat fucks and that's why you don't have anything else better to do with your time then to polk jokes at a deceased person