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In an EXTREMELY feeble attempt to integrate my Wiki with my blog, I have created a little link at the end of each entry that sends you to a page on my Wiki linked to the blog entry. The problem is, I have not figured out what I should call each of the Wiki pages. I thought about category/entry ID or something, but everything I could think of was kind of clunky. I ended up with just JoiBlog/EntryId(Entry#) which is REALLY ugly. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. These thoughts will then probably force me to learn Python so that I can actually build something useful. The other thing that I will need to do is actually put something useful in the Wiki pages that are created instead of just the current "Would you like to create this page?" thing. BTW, please click on the Wiki links and go ahead and make pages if you feel like it. My guess is that most people won't feel like it. ;-p


I have a solution for you ;-)


Great... So.... Can you elaborate?

Wiki is for Macro-content, while Blog is for Micro-content, it's a pair-problem requires real integrated solution.

I see two other possibilities:

Do it by hand -- that is, have a little text box where you enter name of the wiki page that you would like the wiki link at the end of the blog entry to go to (e.g., WikiWeblogIntegration for this posting). Automatic

Do some natural text processing to have the software guess which wiki page(s) are appropriate. This may sound impossible, but Flutterby has been doing something like this to choose weblog entry topics for some time. As long as there's a way for a human to go in and correct the occasional goofs it should work fine.

The optimal wiki-weblog relationship may be for the wiki to handle the "disposition of blog-bits" (as Bill Seitz has put it), which otherwise can get lost in the archives.

As i've noted in your wiki, links from the wiki page to the weblog entry would probably be helpful as well.

Maybe you should link each entry to a page for each category it is associated with. Having a page for each entry seems redundant with the comments, but having a category link may help the more "macro-content" ideas come out.

And then, of course, you can find a way to make the reverse links from the category page to all the relevant entries - although I guess a manual link to the category archive might be good enough.

I'd also suggest making the links "Blog/EntryTtitle" ... putting the "Joi" is redundant since it already appears twice in the URL (lengthening it, more to read, more to remember, etc...) and using the entry ID makes it diffcult for you to look up if you ever need to... The system knows the entry IDs, you, I presume, don't (not inately I mean: do you remember your entries by ID or by the title you gave them?)

neato idea. :)

Bloki isn't going to work. They're mixing audiences. Straight users don't care and power users want control over the software. It's doomed.

What I'd like to see is a blog entry *be* a wiki. Are there wiki systems that allow you to have a full wiki in only a part of a page? Or multiple wikis per page? I'd like this if only to be able to pull up revision diffs for some of my oft-revised blog entries.

Curt, there are a few out there, if I know what you are asking.

check out JohnAbbe's WikiWeblogs

and my messy page

I'm certainly a proponent of using a wiki engine to run your weblog.

What I'm working on currently is expanding all wiki words so that the text looks more "normal" to people. (And replacing the create-a-page "?" with square brackets.)

We're not targeting power users: Bloki is first, second, and third about ease of use. Virtually all the changes in the upcoming release are aimed at making it as fast and easy for average users to create Web sites as it is to send an email message or print a letter.