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Mizuka and I went to see the last cherry blossoms last week and I shot some Provia 100 with my Hasselblad. I got sick of the poor quality of the Photo CD's considering the cost and bought a Nikon 8000ED film scanner so I could do my own scans instead. Here's my first attempt. I'm still trying to figure out how to get it right and it does take a lot of time, but you have control and obviously much more tender loving care than the people scanning for you onto Photo CD's. I've posted a few pictures on my .mac site. I can't figure out what the white space is that gets inserted when I publish from iPhoto.

Anyway, my iLife just got better thanks to Nikon.


Nice tonal range. Nikon film scanners have always been amazing. I've got a Canon Film scanner for doing all my legacy film work that does a somewhat decent job but nothing like one of those. I can't see shelling out for one since I went all digital. Do you have a account? You should try posting some of your shots there. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see them.

Oh I'm so jealous! Yes, for what they cost PhotoCD's are ridiculously inadequate. I'm using an Epson flatbed scanner which does transparencies and negative film, but upon seeing these, yet another digital appliance makes my hoshii list! Thanks, Joi! :)

Hi Joi. Posted the photo to my blog. It's also streaming through with a javascript to the homepage at It will be there for about 24 hours on the right side of the page. A Beauty!

Hmm, I must say I'm disappointed. Not by the shots, which are very nice, but the processing is not up to par.

I'm sure your coolscan 800 can do *much* better than this. Check, for example, the skies in both your "provia" shots, and you'll see terrible "slices" of blue. Probably not the scanner's fault though, I'd check the quality settings of the jpeg-encoding phase...

Anyway, film and a film scanner give incredible results, but at the expense of a lot of time. After switching back to film a year ago (after a couple of digital years I fell in love with a jewel of a film camera) I recently bought the 800's little brother (the IV) to start putting my pics back online (check e.g the latest 2 2002 galleries on my site) and I don't regret... Although I sometimes feel stupid putting 6-months-old pics online.

Olivier. You're absolutely right. I had the jpeg set to the highest compression, which is the wrong setting. I just didn't have time to go back and rescan. It gives you a misleading pre-compression file size in the scanning software when you are doing the scan based on the crop and the DPI...

At the risk of belaboring the obvious, the white space on the .mac album is because Apple's "frame" templates are for common 4x3 ratio images (i.e. 1024x768, 800x600, etc.)... p.s. I'm ASIJ '88. I remember chatting with you once on TWiCS Beeline back in 1986!

Hi JP. Hmm... So why is it that I get the white space on the sides sometimes and on the tops and bottoms other times?

Your images are not cropped perfectly square. The two pictures that have "landscape" frames are slightly wider than they are tall, and the two with "portrait" frames are slightly taller than they are wide (I initially thought maybe you had cropped photos that had been rotated and that's how .mac decided, but I don't think that's it). I usually upload my images as is (1600x1200), so I hadn't run into this spacing effect. I like your photos as is, but until they introduce square cropping/framing, you're probably stuck with the unsightly white space. You could try exporting without frames...

I just want to say your girl is beautiful and that picture is gorgeous of her and the cherry blossom tree!!! :)

Thanks Chey!

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