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Hirata just set up a web page that lets you register your blog and receive an email address that you can use for moblogging. It's based on the mail2enty Python script I'm using for my moblogging.


Great to see moblogging becoming more accessible!

But credit where credit is due: A few weeks ago, Kevin Cameron set up MFOP at - as far as I can tell, MFOP (Moblogging For Other People) works in the same way and has more options, including a tag system supporting extended entries, excerpts and text-only posts. I'm using MFOP from keitai and Clie at and highly recommend it!

Am moblogging this from Ebisu, Clie w/wifi card and (my) open network. Paul recommends, and I now endorse, NetFront to browse. It recognizes form fields, which EudoraWeb did not.

MetaFilter in particular looks gorgeous on this screen. Awwww yeah.

Must excellent news! I've setup my own moblog recently using pop2blog which works however only via MMS, as my SE T68is chunks the email headers and pop2blog blows up. I've also had the exact same problem with Kevin's mfop, however, Hirata's mail2entry based system worked flawlessly with an email based message! Alright, no longer do I have to pay $0.40 per MMS post. Thanks much!


We are also working on a moblog service for other people.

Do you have any suggestions concerning what such a service should propose, so that we can take your suggestion into consideration.


Ito-san, Hirata-san

We are coming from the PHP-side, but I guess there are still a lot of things we could discuss, share.

I just posted a comment to MarginWalker and announced our new mailinglist there.

As I mentioned in the comment to "Power to mopeople", I am trying to figure out the moblogging nodes. Besides Marginwalker and yours, do you see any others?

And how could we go on with exchanging information in the easiest way possible for all? Do we have to wait till the conference takes place? Any ideas?


Thank you for your much comments!

The limitation of mail2entry, can provide some simple features, but it is easy just to post picture to your weblog.
Please enjoy!

Roger, I don't know any other MFOP (I've heard the word at the first time!) services, that's the reason I made one. I think we should continue to discuss about moblogging/mfop on weblogs. :-) Of course, email is welcomed, too.


Yes, I think it's cool to continue to discuss moblogging via our blogs - as I always read Ito-san's posts that's not such a problem (^_^).

I just trying to figure out how we can intercommunicate even more easily?

Maybe via the Moblogging Conference Website/Blog? Are there plans to making one? Or is MarginWalker this site?

We could then put all links and resources together and have them there.
Well what do you think?

Best regards

marginwalker *is* the site!

There'll be a dedicated 1IMC registration page up as soon as humanly possible - we've had a few delays but everything is still on track. In the meantime, you can comment here.

Thanks again to everyone interested in both marginwalker and the 1IMC. I'm getting really stoked for this!

I update the backend script of The script accepts not only a format of one attached image but also text-only mail. MT-2.6 or later is supported. If you've tried but didn't work well, please re-try. Thank you.

These services are great - MFOP was really simple to set up and just works - after struggling with using the pop2blog script I was really pleased to find it. My only concern is providing my mt address, username and password to complete strangers - is there a way to make this more secure?

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I saw on Joi Ito's site that Hirata-san from dh's memoranda had the same idea as mfop. It's amazing there Read More