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My first Audblog post. It finally works with MT! So now I have to figure out the style. Do I post in my main blog? I can't set the categories, add titles or text from the phone so it initially appears in my blog as just an clickable audblog logo with no text, title or category. Hmmm...

You know what would be neat? If I could voice annotate the photos in my moblog. So... How to link the photos with the audblog entries... I guess I could write a Python script to search for moblog entries and audblog entries within 10 minutes of each other and cross-link them. ;-)


It is our pleasure!!! Have fun with it!

Very interesting service!

Unfortunately, that's 25 cents per audio post ($3 for 12 posts per month according to their Web site). I wonder how much the average blogger will be willing to pay for a hosted service with extra features such as this one in the future.

Also, how easy would it be for Web crawlers to index the actual content of audio posts?

Very cool.
Personally I think the "usefulness" of this to be similar to that of posting pictures alongside (or separate from) textual entries. Sort of an "extra annotation". That said, I mean audio recordings such as the sound of the birds nearby while you blog from some nice location, or the din of the traffic, etc... to give mulitmedia flavor to blogging... not so much for language based audio blogging.

Like the time I was in the connecting tunnel under trainstation platofrms in some small Swiss town and there was a group of buskers playing some way cool klezmer. At the time all I could do was record them to MiniDisk.. but now I could moblog an entry talking about them, with an audio sample... :)

Which is way cool.

Add to that GPRS data saved along side all blog entries and someone walking by that exact spot could "see" my entry and "hear" my recording. "Metaphysical Graffiti". :D

It works and works well.

Great idea: simple, and well executed! I had thought about 'audio blogging' before, but didn't think it would take off ... but to mix audio posts with text ones, as you've done here, may be the approach that works. Well done -- & congrats on the TypePad venture; it's sure to bring success.

-- m

I can't believe you got yours up before I did!

Come have another party so we can audblog at the same time :)

It would be a cool feature if, instead of just a blank screen with the little tracking/arrow icon, there was a photo of you (or maybe even a cartoon figure that you could pick) with a moving mouth. . .

Interesting news, Audioblog is now available on MT.. what timing!! ;-)
Makes me wonder how long it will be before a videoblog tool is ready too?!?

Lawrence wrote:
> Makes me wonder how long it will be before a videoblog tool is ready too?!?

In fact, such a tool already exists :-)
Take a look at the tiny video snippets posted by Mie on her blog.
They were taken with her japanese cell phone's built-in camera, which besides static pictures can also take short MPEG4-format movielets.

MostlyVowels wrote:

In fact, such a tool already exists :-)

Yes.. I've seen her blog/ketai clips. Indeed while it is pretty cool the .amc (kddi) or .noa (J-Phone) movie mail from cell-phones works, most people do not have a player to view them. I have been shooting mini-dv, editing and posting my Japan Adventure video's in Win. Media and Real Player since 2001.

The point I was trying to make was that it would be great to see a blog interface tool become available for Movable Type so that even more people can get involved!! 8-)

...but how i post audio files directly from my computer to my blog ??
>where are the tools?

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