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Thanks to an MT plugin by David Raynes, I now have my Blogshares shareholders listed on my page. (See bottom of my sidebar). Now all I want is for the people's names to be clickable...


i blogsurfed here frm globe blogs.. ur archives go back further than any blogger i noe!
'93??? thk i must've been still on BBSes n the like..

Hey. I finished my python script. Now the shareholders are clickable!

i'm a little drunk.

so bear with me a moment?

"I finished my python script. Now the shareholders are clickable!" - do you know how sad this sounds to someone who doesn't code? if my mum saw that she would be *so* unimpressed!

me. i'm chuffed if my new sound coding in flash works. all it does is enable a user to TYPE in a name of a track and the flash file finds it and plays it. I'm mean. fucking hell - that's bloody awesome - from a coding perspective. but in the real world, it's like - yeah, and?

are we really so sad? or are really the pioneers we all like to think we are?

sorry Joi, in my current state i saw your comment and it started all sorts of questions going that at 11am wouldn't have even figured! i know what getting a script to work means to the author... i'm just a little worse for wear (but happy! :D )

;-). Pete, I know what you mean. I was working on it for several hours and when I exitedly told Mizuka what I had done, she gave me "the look"...

Well, it's really the first real Python script I have ever written that does anything useful so it was really fun. Even if it only printed "hello world" on the screen, I would be excited. It was also easier than I thought. Having said that, it also reminds me how much work goes into make "the tools" and gives me more respect for the tool builders.

Again, I'm going to continue to dive into python to become a skilled enough script kiddie so I can whip things together until Ben and Mena build the features into the code. In particular, I want to get better at XML RPC and SOAP so I can integrate more web services into my blog...

"gives me more respect for the tool builders" - that's evident from your recent investment activities Joi.

When we took investment from an incubator it wasn't like that. They had no respect beyond the press we were getting. MT are lucky to have found someone with experience and respect.

it's still a sad statement tho' ;)

books are on their way from amazon btw. should be with you in a week or so... both written by friends of mine - one is a tutorial based volume focusing on actionscript and the other is the O' Reilly Definitive Guide to Actionscript for once you've learn't it. I'm expecting big things Joi...

I can never write that well when I'm sober how in the heck did he write that well drinking?? :)

Oh and Joi go on with your bad self and your python script :)

gnome girl - i may be drunk but I'm still British and I can't possibly show any kind of 'slippage' in my outward appearance. I might add that it took me a fair while to write the above entry.

me right now (well, right now it is. won't be in a minute of course ;)

So no one is impressed with my python script. I KNOW you don't care, but here's how it work.

I am not using the MT Blogshares plugin right now. (I will use it, Dave includes the links or Seyed provides them in an easier to read feed)

Right now, what I actually do is use the HTMLParser module to cruise through the blogshares web page and extract (scrape) the table of shareholders and construct the html. Then I save that to a file and do an SSI (server side include). I have cron running the python code every 10 minutes. Isn't that SOO COOL?

No... I didn't think you would be excited.

How about this. I learned python in 1 week. I spent a day with Sen, downloaded all of the python docs and dive into python onto my computer and learned and wrote the code in taxis and trains. Having said that, I won't claim to "know python" yet. I just sort of know enough about it to write a script that Pete can make fun of.

oh Joi. I wasn't making fun of your script. I know shit about Python... I'm not qualified to make fun out of anyone when it comes to that.

I *was*, however, taking the piss out of your statement :D (actually, not even that. learning a scripting language in a week is something i dream of these days! I learn't how to *spell* lingo last week though :)

"taking the piss out of your statement" ;-) I totally do not know what that means. hehe. Maybe it's easier to learn Python than to learn British.

British? is that a language? ;)

i'm off to bed. it's only 11, but I'm feeling less happy by the minute. :(


Hey Joi. I updated the BlogShares plugin to provide a tage for MTBlogSharesOwnerLink which you can then use thusly:

<a href="<$MTBlogSharesOwnerLink$>" title="View <$MTBlogSharesOwner$>'s profile at Blogshares"><$MTBlogSharesOwner$></a> (<$MTBlogSharesOwnerID$>) owns <MTBlogSharesOwned> shares.

A sample owner would look like:
Gordon Bonnar (1957) owns 1000 shares.

British is in fact several languages. Even if you discount Welsh, Cornish and Scottish Gaelic, the varying dialects across the Kingdom will stump you at some point. I am fairly fluent in several of them, and recently took it upon myself to translate Sarf Lunnon to Queen's English.

Thanks Gord!

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