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So I took my FX77 that I griped about here because my Mac couldn't talk to it. It turns out it's a nice camera. It is fast and take much better photos than any digital camera so far. There are a lot of settings that allowed me to deal with unusual lighting. I tooks lots of pictures of snapping turtles and geisha.

I tried a new method of authoring photo albums. I installed Movable Type on my PowerBook and used Kung-Log, BBEdit and Adobe ImageReady to author. It worked well. ImageReady did a really nice job optimizing and adjusting the balances on the images without all the extra junk that photoshop had. Having MT locally let me put the photos in directories and rebuild the pages so I could see how it would look on my blog. BBEdit was a clean way to edit the tables by hand. Kung-Log let me write everything, save it as a draft, then post it again to my blog once I was on a fast line.

It was a 2.5 hr train ride so I had a lot of time... probably not the most efficient way to post photos, but it was a lot of fun...

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Did you try accessing the camera from your mac, by 1. pairing in bluetooth setup assistant, and 2, by "Browse Device" in the bluetooth menu list?