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Pierre Omidyar, my classmate from Tufts, founder of eBay, an advisor to and investor in Neoteny and a good friend, recently started a blog. (A Movable Type blog. I think he started his blog before he knew we were investing... ;-) )

He responds to my entry about blogshares. He seems to be thinking about the money vs. influence / markets vs. democracy issues as well. Being a billionaire philanthropist geek is an interesting position to be in when thinking about whether having more money should mean you have more influence and he's clearly been thinking about this a lot.

Welcome to the blogging community Pierre.

I'm going to comment on his comments when I have more time. I'm eating turtle stew right now...


Hi Pierre! We are a southern YMCA needing a few dollars towards our scholarship campaign. As you probably know, YMCAs are non-profit and raise money for kids and families that can't afford to attend our programs like baseball, after school childcare and tutoring, swim lessons and the list goes on. We ask for your help to help our community. Hope to hear from you soon!
Thanks for your time!

Wow, very sweet nlog