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Had lunch with Adam Greenfield. I met Adam online and recently have developed a relationship with him. This was the first time we shared a meal together. Recently he protected me against Richard B., coined the term moblog, launched a new site called Margin Walker and has a cool site called v-2 where he blogs. He wrote a paper called a minimal compact about open source constitutions for nation-state sized governance. He's currently organizing a moblog conference in Tokyo in July which I plan to attend.

We talked about a lot of things, but we agreed on two things. He is yet another person who thinks wikis are butt ugly (YAPWTWABU) but I said he should try Wiki's. So I agreed to try to read everything in Margin Walker and contribute and he agreed to post on a Minimal Compact Wiki Page on my Wiki and we'd both try each other's new sites out. Anyway, enjoyed the conversation, but you will hear more about it on Margin Walker and my Wiki. ;-)


...and recently have developed a relationship with him.

Oooh, sounds sexxxy!

So what if there was a cool, open source outliner that could be used as a front-end or as a complementary tool - to a Wiki?

And what if that same tool used OPML as it's format, attached images, RSS, web links, swf files, etc. to any node of the outline?

And it worked in ALL browsers - straight, clean, tight D HTML? Would that be ugly or rock the house? Maybe Pete will like it?

I don't think that wikis need to be ugly. The documentation for my OddMuse wiki, for example, does not use WikiWords but [[free links]], and a CSS I got from somewhere else.

Marc, that outliner looks spiffy - has anybody actually done anything with it, other than demo around?