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Is this guy supposed to be me?
The current issue of Net Runner, a magazine published by ZDNet Japan, has story on weblogs. The first page of the section has a comic strip of some fat guy looking at a site that says "Joji Ito's site on how to lose weight and become popular with girls" (rough translation) who goes on to lose weight with a screen that looks like blog entries of the progress. I don't know if they're making fun of me or acknowledging the fact that blogs actually help you lose weight. I assume both.


Dude! Surf's up!

Hahaha - I didn't realise you were so ripped Joi - that new diet must really work! Mizuka must have got a haircut recently too. I like her cuff things btw, very anime ;-)

I think someone at the magazine must be an admirer

peace - boblet

You should put that picture on your resume.

Just bought the magazine and read the article... Hmmm, it was the first time buying this magazine but wasn't it the first time it covers you?

Actually, I think I was in the magazine from time to time when it started, but I think it was a bit more "high brow" back then. I haven't been in it recently. It's a pretty "interesting" magazine. Do you think it reflects the state of Japanese Net culture?


I think someone has wicked sense of humour over at Net Runner. I think the article in question might be more along the lines of how to blog (though I haven't read the story in question).



Ah, I'm afraid I really don't know about today's net culture of Japan, but we can guess it from the fact that Net Runner seems to be selling.

I saw a comment of a person who was covered in the same Net Runner article (about the weblog) saying that Net Runner seems to be shallow and wondering who the magazine targets.