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Adriaan, who I lunched with awhile ago, is the developer of Kung-Log, which is the client I use to post to MT. He writes about his thoughts on the MetaWeblog API. He is a good example of someone who actually has to use all of the API's to try to allow his users to post to the variety of weblogs. We REALLY should try to keep the API consistant so that people like Adriaan can continue to write tools for blogs. As the blog software folks start their feature race, the trick will be for the API to keep up with everything. I think the API is great because unlike unweildy standards like bluetooth that tries to design in every single possibility from the beginning, the MetaWeblog API has evolved and stayed simple. I guess the question is, can the current process keep up with the increasing diversity and feature race? Any thoughts Dave?

Here's Adriaan's suggestion.

What is my suggestion? Use the MetaWeblog API, BUT complement it with the MovableType methods, and possibly any new Blogger2 API features.


The MetaWeblog API is in good shape between SixApart and UserLand. What's needed there is support from Blogger.

The place where we can do better is RSS. It's a chaotic mess, and could easily be sorted out and fixed, and the SixApart people could probably just accept what a user like Phil R came up with, in other words, delegate the problem (which kind of seems to be their approach, I could be mistaken).

Anyway I'm about to go out for dinner, so I can't go into more detail, but I'll check in later, and see what's going on. It's a good time for us all to get in synch on some things, imho.

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