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I added a new style sheet and a new style sheet class. On my sidebar, if you click on humble style, it will set your style sheet to a style sheet based on the polite fonts style sheet (big fonts) where I've added a new class called "boastful". This style sheet will render text that I think might seem boastful in a tiny white font so you don't see them. (I couldn't figure out a way to delete them all together in css.) So if you want to stop seeing my boastful disclaimers and generally cut down on boastful comments altogether, change your stylesheet please.

Also, I ripped off an idea I saw on Liz's site and made my archives in my sidebar pulldown forms.


Why not just use

boastful {
display: none


Yes. Much better.

Glad to help :-)


An outliner is a great tool for editing dynamic content - so you could "indent" all the potentially libelous, boastful, insider content.


I think (not sure though) that Google does not follow "links" in pulldown menus. Remember that PDM's are form elements and the folks at Google prolly don't bother checking whether one is using a PDM as navigation or as a way of selecting one's country in a form...

That's why I use a nifty CSS show/hide trick on MY weblog... nyaah... ;)

I should 'fess up to the fact that I myself "stole" that drop-down archive idea from Kieran Healy's blog...

Who probably got it from Antipixel.

ya know, I have been thinking that Liz may have a point, and some image at your web home of yourself makes it seem friendlier. I noticed her site and then Lawrence Lessig and others do it. . . speaking of the side bar.

Humble and boastful, huh?

Yeah. I try to be in the middle, but it appears that there is a spread in what people believe is humble/boastful. This would be weird if I start writing two blogs in one place and become VERY boastful and VERY humble in the same post using the style sheet filter. Then I would have to create ANOTHER style sheet for normal. ;-p

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