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markoffdvorakdin.jpgHad dinner, talked about blogging and had more dinner tonight with John Dvorak of PC Magazine and John Markoff from the New York Times. Markoff and Dvorak are about as different as they come, but are good friends and make a really funny pair to have dinner with.

Dvorak said he wanted to start a blog. Both John & John are anti-bloggers, but I agreed that Dvorak would be much more convincing if he was critical after having blogged. We talked about Andrew Orlowski and the attention he has been giving my blog these days. We discussed the importance of lunches and dinners in the journalistic process and discussed Andrew's journalism. One amazing thing about Dvorak is that he can be talking about the food, wine, the owner of the restaurant, Orlowski's writing style and Apple Computer all at the same time. Sometimes I got confused about whether Dvorak was talking about Orlowski's writing or the food. I think Dvorak would make a good blogger.

We talked about googlewashing and I agreed to link to Dvorak's site often to help increase his google page ranking. ;-) We talked a lot about the importance of thick skin and a sense of humor.

Update: Andrew Orlowski's current web page. I linked to the old one because that's what came up first on Google. Sorry. Noticed that Dvorak was on Andrew's list of "Stuff I like"


Interesting that Dvorak is coming round. Last year he was as big an anti-blog troll as Orlowski is now.
I wrote this parody of his 'how to blog' article:

Actually, I don't think he's necessarily "coming around"... He's going to try it, I think. Which I think is better than not trying it. BTW, I heard tonight that he reads Gnome Girl's blog. ;-)

Wow, big important topics, “importance of lunches and dinners in the journalistic process”. Yeah, its called free meals, a time-honored practice, that Bloggers have adopted and turned into an art form.

Dvorak said he wanted to start a blog? That I highly doubt. I think that was wishful thinking upon your part. I don’t think Dvorak, if he wishes to remain relevant to the rest of his vast audience, will go down that road. He’s been on record saying he won’t time and time again. One lunch with Joi, and the mind is wiped clear? Markoff, can’t for sure. And not everyone who is polite, automatically morphs into a Blogger. Interesting value judgement.

Importance of thick skin and a sense of humor? Basic common sense. But yes, Bloggers “talk about the importance” of well, basically everything. It's called Ego.

And before you dump on Orlowski, there’s quite a small army, that question the Trackback Groupthink, Newly Self-Appointed Digerati, Google and Page Rank Bugging, sheer Blog Noise out there. But every Cult, needs a Devil.

And interesting admission, random pure chaos scatterbrain’isms is the hallmark of a good Blogger? Gnome Girl certainly has that down. And I am not so sure “reading” is the correct term. Gnome Girl, utter chaos, put to blog. Gnome Girl, like the Blogosphere itself, needs a serious defrag.

He’s been on record saying he won’t time and time again.

Actually, he's been on the record multiple times saying he was going to start a blog himself.

I mean, not to be pedantic, but "I intend to do my own blog, but I wanted to have a better understanding of what constitutes a really great blog." seems pretty clear.

wow, people debating about some writer as to whether or not he'll start a blog (who cares, I'm sure he's cool, but damn, who cares??), then blog 'critique' about a woman's chaos blog. geez, this is why I stopped blogging when it became this "thing" everyone started talking about. people, go live your lives. and that does not mean giving the world a report about how many times you scratched your ass yesterday before feeding the cat and constructing a voodoo doll against your enemies made from the corrugated remains of your Starbucks break. ego indeed...

Anil, are you that dull that you missed the WHOLE sarcasm in that piece, and specifically your quote? And how much time DOES Dvorak need to decide, eh? Been since April of 2002. But yes, who cares, indeed.

And interesting in Joi's linking to an old old ancient Orlowski site, when the current one is out there. I'd hope that there will be more due dilgence in your investments than your hyperlinks. :)

Not sure if it's more fun reading Anil quote Dvorak or cherish the priceless photo. One unknown factor here is integrity.

Regardless of how many times - Dvorak has played devil's advocate (and pissed off a WHOLE bunch of people), Markoff has been lambasted and attacked for insider's game playing and sucking up to special interests or Joi attacked for being a VC - the three of you together is priceless.

defrag??? hmmmmmmmmm I'm sure there are a few others who could stand a whole new chip I think ;)

*mwah* to you Joi from LA

I kesssss you babeee :)

Heh, good one Marc. I see Dvorak is as dignified as ever :) And John, now that your current rag's credibility is completely shot, why don't you get a gig back out here. We're short on journos who know what's going on.

Steve, the "new" Orlowski page doesn't show up on the first page of search results for "Andrew Orlowski" on Google. Actually, my blog entry about Andrew shows up before his web page. I wonder if he's sore about that...

Andrew doesn't have a link from his old page to his new page. That would definitely help users find the new one. I dug around quite a bit looking for something more interesting to link to that that old top page. Maybe he should take the old web page down. I do apologize for linking to the wrong site. I've updated the entry, but it wasn't obvious.

One question to people who keep posting on my blog about how stupid blogs are and how they don't read/write blogs... What are you doing here? I think that issue of googlewashing is a valid complaint if you hate blogs, but you don't have to read my blog if you don't like it, IMHO. Please don't take this question as a request for you to leave or my lack of interest in criticism or critical debate. It's just a sincere question. If I hated blogs, I probably wouldn't spend a lot of time reading them and commenting on them. Just seems strange to me.

Oi, John Markoff...Joi you keep some very odd company...
He besmirched my good name in one of his books...

"One question to people who keep posting on my blog about how stupid blogs are and how they don't read/write blogs... What are you doing here"

Looking for early tips on venture capital trends. This place is over flowing with them. ;^)

you are my hero babeee and i have a room full of people here cheering you on. We sat here saying the same thing Joi :)

BTW, I'm sure you've all already seen it, but Dvorak's the guestblogger on Boing Boing