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Doc just blogged about a thought I just had too. If the big print media put their archives online and made them crawlable and linkable, I bet their page rankings would go up. It's really the links between the archives of the blogs that gives blogs so many links. The solution to googlewashing is probably more about getting other forms of journalism published in a more link-friendly way than filtering the blogs.


I reckon you is right -- here's an item I wrote about this stuff a few months ago.

Of course, there is the other side of the argument: News journalism is about facts, not opinion, and finding out facts is an expensive business. You need to get paid for it. The web, in its fully linked, searchable form, currently offers no viable model for news producers to earn a crust.

I guess the question is: how do you make news linkable, anonymous and chargeable, all at the same time?

(I suspect the ultimate answer has something to do with building webs of trust of some sort to allow appropriate disclosure at an appropriate price. , Reed Elsivier's website for scientific journals is making a beginning on doing something like this by allowing you access the summary for free, but still forces you to pay to read the full article.)

Dave Winer writes about this 18 May 2003 here

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