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Speaking of cool conferences. Kevin Werbach's Supernova 2003 July 8 & 9 should be cool. I'm looking forward to going. Maybe we should do a blogging bof.

Confirmed speakers:

- Reed Hundt, former FCC Chairman
- Jonathan Schwartz, EVP of Software, Sun
- Joichi Ito, CEO, Neoteny Co. Ltd. (Japan)
- Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect, Macromedia
- Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, US Navy (retired)
- J.C. Herz, Joystick Nation
- Merrill Brown, SVP, RealNetworks
- Craig Donato, CEO, Grand Central Communications
- Tom Hawk, GM of Grid Computing, IBM
- David Isenberg,
- Marko Ahtisaari, Insight & Foresight Unit, Nokia
- Bruce Mehlman, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Tech Policy
- Mena Trott, CEO, Six Apart
- Sriram Viswanathan, Managing Director, Intel Capital
- Maria Martinez, CEO, Embrace Networks
- Mike Hirshland, General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners
- Nikolaj Nyholm, Founder & CTO, Ascio Technologies (Denmark)
- Gigi Sohn, Executive Director, Public Knowledge
- Clay Shirky, Author and Consultant


Damn that one looks fun. Too rich for my blood tho. Maybe I can come hang out for the parties ;-)

Yeah, too rich for my blood as well -- and I'm local to DC!

You ought to organize a blog event outside the auspices of the conference so DC Bloggers (map) can party with the blogging bigwigs. :-)

Looked into this, but, alas it is too rich for me as well. Also in DC and also wanting to attend a blowout blog bash in the District! woohoo!

Greg, are you volunteering to organize this? ;-)

I nominate Greg to organize a blog party. :)

Hmmmm. Let's see...

Second person: "You ought to organize a blog event"

First person: "I ought to organize a blog event"

Whew. Thank goodness I used to be an English teacher! I was confused there for a moment!


Actually, I suggested it on the weblogs-social-dc list, so we'll see if there's momentum for the idea.

Cool. Just talked to Kevin to confirm and we do have time free in the evening to have a meeting.

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