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I'm getting ready to leave San Diego for St. Gallen, Switzerland where I'll be doing a session on Emergent Democracy at the ISC symposium. Blogging from my sidekick now... I'll try to post more pictures when I'm in Switzerland. I'll also be trying out the tri-band sidekick.


I'm sitting here at the San Diego airport. The flight is over-booked and they are refusing to board us until three people volunteer to take another flight and get a free ticket. I may miss my flight to Switzerland out of LAX. That would suck. I wonder if this "refuse to board until we volunteers" thing is standard practice. This truely sucks... BTW I'm on United Express...

I hope you can make it in time. If you have any (logistical) problems and no contact person I could try to help out via the ISC staff, just let me know.

Hope we have a chance to meet up at ISC!


Walking across the tarmac at LAX. Phew...

Thanks for the offer Bernhard. Look forward to meeting you.

I love my Sidekick. I've been IM'ing, emailing and blogging ever since I landed in LAX. It's a bit dangerous (no pun intended) since I'm not really looking where I'm going. I wish battery life was better. Strange sensation of being plugged in in multiple modes at the same time. The feature on the SK that scrolls IM's and email as they come in while I am writing this adds to this sensation...

If cannot visit the first keynotes today, here's a link to the live stream

thanks for the live stream link, Berhard.
and be careful Joi, we don't want you getting sucked into an turbine out on the tarmac.

Thanks Hary. I made it OK. Just got to the conference center and finally got a net connection. 900 messages and a bunch of tasks waiting for me. ack. I'm speaking at 4pm, but since I'm not very important, they won't be streaming me, I don't think.

Thanks to Zai, I got gprs working on my tri-band sidekick so at least I could IM from my hotel. The hotel has one of those digital PBX's that don't let me connect, and I can't get my Mac working properly with my T68 doing gprs.... hmm...

Where did you get a tri-band Sidekick? Also - does it work with T-mobile's $39 unlimited plan?


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