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They have this Spotme device at this conference which has a very cool feature. You can see the names of the other participants who are near you and approximately how many meters they are away from you. You can also exchange business cards with people which get emailed to you.

Similar to the Japanese Lovegety but a bit more serious focus. ;-)

My Sony DSC-FX77 is getting flakey. It's creating those artifacts you see in the picture...


usually we use spotme in switzerland at single parties. ;-)

So it IS the same as Lovegety! ;-)

Hmm... I wonder if you have the FX77's camera's picture quality setting on "Normal" instead of "Fine"...

seems to be a dynamic color range issue...

No, it's on fine mode. It's weird. The artifacts show up even when I am just framing the shot. They show up, then there're gone again. The fact that thez show up on the preview screen makes me think that it's broken or a horrible bug.

Hola. vivo en argentina y quiero conseguir el contacto del fabricante de Lovegety para traerlo para este lado del mundo, por favor enviar datos para mi.
Gracias Saludos

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