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I'm at the Zurich airport now at an Internet kiosk so I can't upload the pictures, but I spent the day yesterday in the mountains of Swizerland hiking, moblogging under the surveillance of the goats and cows with my PowerBook on my back. It was REALLY tiring, but REALLY beautiful. We all stood at the top of the mountain as the sun set and we had a 360 view of the countryside around us. At the apex of the mountain was a very old inn where 20 or so etoy agents, bitflux bloggers, and St. Gallen University students met up for a mountain top secret conference. Apologies to those who responded to my blog entry but couldn't make it. Hats off to Michael who actually made it.

It was 10pm when we started and considering how exhausted we were from the (for some people 3 hour) hike up the mountain, the discussion was interesting and heated. We talked about art, open source software, architecture, the future of etoy and of course a little about blogging.

It was great to put faces behind some of the names I come across on the blogs. Blogging in Europe is starting to take off and I think the bitflux folks and others will lead the pack. Maybe then can help us make wikis more cool looking. ;-)

Anyway, I'm offline again for 12 hours or so while I make my way back to Tokyo...


Oh man, did you take your Hasselblad with you? Sounds like the perfect spot for it. Have you seen the new H1's? They're damn sexy and can take digital backs. Very hot.

i want see big pict too!

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