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I first heard about Salam Pax on March 11 from John Monasch who sent me an email about him. Since then, he has gathered a great deal of attention from bloggers everywhere as the war approached. He was silent for quite awhile since the bombings. He finally came back, and now he's writing for the Guardian! Wow!

Guardian Unlimited

Salam's Story

The most gripping account of the Iraq conflict came from a web diarist known as the Baghdad Blogger. But no one knew his identity - or even if he existed. Rory McCarthy finally tracked him down, and found a quietly spoken, 29-year-old architect. From next week he will write fortnightly in G2.


Thank you Joi Ito.

Great news on Salam Pax.

Shame he's writing for such a bias news agency. I've yet to read a story in the Gaurdian that was presented from a heavily liberal slant. Sometimes to the point of lacking any factual sustainable content.

I'm sure we'll read about how all Iraqis want Americans to leave even though they tell former human shields they hope America stays forever. After all, The Gaurdian couldn't possibly publish something supportive of the US.

Hi - thought you guys might be interested in Salam Pax's new photolog. It's at


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During the Iraqi war Salam Pax attracted plenty of interest from the blogging world (and print media) due to him... Read More