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I just learned a new word.

AIM Friendster Chatroom
Joi: Kevin, do you work at Apple?
Kevin: Yes
Joi: There's something about people who work at Apple...
Jeannie: What's FOAF?
Jeannie: Marks, you got pontificatory about this once before, right?
Joi: That's it. Apple people are pontificatory
I guess bloggers can be accused of being pontificatory too. Maybe I need a new un-pontificatory style sheet...


Why can't I find that word on any online dictionary? You just made that up?


Making up incomprehensible words is actually an important aspect of pontificating.

Dvorak sez: "Now if you look at the core bloggers in the San Francisco area, you find the Mac to be their dominant platform. Lots of writers who blog know how to use Macs only, in fact. There are constant references to the Mac in many of the top blogs." He's speaking mostly of the Mac-centric "A" list bloggers, who we love, and most of whom pontificate indeed.

When in IRC with Joi-Ichi
Be careful you don't get too preachy
He prefers the dilatory
to the pontificatory
But limericks will do just peachy

For all Steve Jobs' talk of digital hubs etc. the fact is that current Macs still lack a built-in optical or coax SPDIF interface...

A digitally-connected virtual surround headphone like the Sony MDR-DS8000 would really enhance the DVD playback experience...

If connector real estate issues makes a separate SPDIF interface impossible, wouldn't it be possible to add at least an optical digital output combined with the headphone minijack, a bit like some MiniDisc players do?