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If only the guy in Memento had a blog...


That is the single most brilliant post I've seen posted on a Blog. :)

...he'd have forgotten his password.

What better medium for kidding yourself! :)

He did have a blog: his own skin. And he used it to fool himself. Wasn't that the point of the movie? :-)

And the Blair Witch Project would have been a lot lexx exciting if they had a cell phone and a GPS :-)

Awesome Joi. Awesome.

I doubt he'll even remember that he set up a blog

I doubt he'll even remember that he set up a blog

> He did have a blog: his own skin.

Alrighty, don't worry I'm on it:

TattooShares - buy and sell shares in people's tattos.

so the logical conclusion to this? Promote your blog by tatooing your URL on your forehead of course. Surprised no one did this in the bubble era...

A diamond is for lovers, a domain name is forever.

He would wiki.

Yeah, but if he made a Wiki, wouldn't Teddy just edit it?

Sorry. That was really geeky.

Brilliant. Though it would have to be accessible via his cell phone to really be useful, so he'd have to wait for the advent of WAP. PGP would be a good way of proving that nobody hacked his messages. Do cell phones that check e-mail do PGP?

A private voice mail system that never deletes messages might be even better because he'd recognize his own voice. Maybe he could change the outgoing message to really important things. Then he'd just have to tattoo the phone number and passcode on him, but in such a way that nobody else could obtain that information, so he could write it in long hand "two one two five five five one two one two" and rot13 it - "gjb bar gjb svir svir svir bar gjb bar gjb" - though someone might figure it out so he'd have to think of a stronger cipher - maybe tattoo the public key to his encryption on his stomach.

e-Mail with one of those camera phones that didn't exist back then would be a great way of documenting the events of his life, kind of like that girl in the commercial that finds out her friend's boyfriend is cheating on her.

No wait, a PDA. Yeah a PDA that takes photos and is password protected and other things that didn't exis when the movie happened.

Oh, I know, we can jump into the future where Blade Runner happens and he can take normal photographs and peek behind corners, or have memories implanted into his brain.

Yeah, Philip K Dick would have a field day with this movie... It turns out he never had a wife, those memories, they were implanted into his mind by Teddy er, Cypher, to turn him into the perfect killer. In fact, he doesn't really exist at all, he's been put to sleep and is having this dream implanted in his head (along with Arnold Schwartzenegger). Something's gone wrong with the program, and that's why Cameron Diaz keeps freaking out on him.

Oh, and it turns out that Teddy and that girl really are Cypher and Trinity before they've been released by Morpheus. In fact, they main reason they're interested in him is becuase he might be the one - you know, the kid writing a history report with a chip in his head that gets a phone booth from George Carlin.

// end rant

perhaps memento is a lot like a Blog. It starts at the end ([?] - most recent post) and ends at the beginning (first post).

He had a photoblog! He was, actually, the precursor of the total, complete, mission-driven photoblog.

are you a Wap Blogmaster? just saw this at


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