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There is an anonymous parody of some of the "A-List" bloggers - "Simple Guide to the A-List Bloggers" on - on Scoble's site. I guess the "A-List" is defined as people worth wasting time writing a parody about. It's all very funny until you get to your part. ;-P

I'm going to link to this so it's not all laughing "behind my back."

Thanks to the dozens of people who told me to go read this on IRC. ;-)


some bits of that are funny... some of it is a bit sinister...

kind of like the humur ran out in parts...

Yes. As a connoisseur of parody, I would say "the humor ran out in parts" would be a good way to put it. ;-)

interesting. The part about Dave Winer is over the top with snarky and just plain mean comments.

I might have my disagreements with dave (well in the sense that I read his 'blog and think "I disagree with that."), and I know that lots of people disagree with on lots of level from technical to personal, but c'mon he's not a monster for God's sake. He's just a guy who's passionate to the point of sometimes overstating his case. I think we've all done that.

Anyways, yeah, the humor seems to have run out in places is a good way to describe it.

I agree with "the humor ran out in places" What he said about Dave and Chris was just mean and spiteful for the most part. Some of the other ones were funny (Yes I thought mine was funny if not somewhat accurate ;))
Just wish it wasn't anonymous
I hate when people write stuff and then hide.

Yeah, I wish he'd come out in public and play too, but oh well. Yeah, it was mean, but it was funny enough to beg him to post it.

Where's the guide to B-list bloggers? Or am I on the C-list? How many levels are there, anyway?

yep. they nailed it. too bad they did not have one for the boingboing guy, maybe he is no longer 1337? Anyway, enjoy lunch Joi.

THAT was the funniest blog posting I have every read. And the most honest. Finally, some one isn't kissing blog-ring-circle-VIP-technorati-ass.

no, it's not a-list, b-list, and so on -- it's weblog junior high! (caution, contents may have shifted in flight since this dates from early 2000)

That's funny Anita! ;-)

I think the Dave Winer part was pretty right on--the guy is starting to come across as a little sinister. Or maybe it isn't him so much as the fact that he is ahead of the curve and the curve for blogs is leading to a sinister place. His little personal attacks on Tim Bray and the Movable Type duo, who obviously don't want to be drawn into a public feud with him, are a little disturbing. It's like, if you decide to participate online and you come into the radar of this guy and he doesn't like you, you get libeled online and in Google's database for everyone to see forever. In the days of non-searchable Usenet, non-archived mailing lists, Compuserve/Source, etc., it wasn't so bad. In the blog/Google age, it makes you think whether you want to even be online. The comment at his recent presentation about his firing one of his employees who didn't feel like maintaining a rah-rah "team-building" blog is Orwellian.

Woah, Anita - I haven't seen that in forever. I clicked through to BMOC page and saw the link to BLOAT. Sally Tenpenny. Wow, that seems like a long time ago. Brought back memories of Beebo rankings and Weblog Nation. Baby, you've come a long way.

The best way to launch a personal attack on someone is to hide it within humour.

My rule : Put a smiley at the end of every insult ;-)

More Andrew Orolowski hand jobs from Coulter. Chris Coulter, the puss filled boil on the ass of the web. Hi Coulter! Why don't you come clean and say it's you? Don't want to stand up for your own work? You've sent it to enough people.

Maybe Robert Scoble could get some balls and stop supporting your games.

Coulter, you're never going to get a Tablet PC job at Microsoft now.

That was quite funny. Hi Gahndi. We saw you on Scobies as Leanne, JLO, Anna, A Mouse, PPCThinker, Jena, Gahdi, AnnaBanana. Quite funny. To me, it was on the mark, if tad overdone. But grow up.

he he he:-)

Personally, i think the parody is funny as hell, however, I don't approve of it been posted anonymously. Seems we all know who's behind, since coulter's name 's been cited so many times, so there goes the argument for anonymity which has sparked the whole discussion. So what's the point? It's just parody fellas. Don't you think so?

ps. It's sad to hear that some people were offended - I wouldn't but then again I wouldn't know. Hope it's not that people 've lost their sense of humour:-)

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