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Had dinner tonight with Ken Sakamura, the father of TRON, the realtime embedded OS which is a dominant and essential part of most embedded systems in Japan today. He is also the Director of the Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory. He brought a bunch of amazing gadgets to dinner. The most impressive were the 0.2mm 128K RFID chips in a little vial.


Any chance you can say a bit more about the RFID tags. Absolutely amazing! Are these production units or what? Price? Etc. Where can we learn more? Brilliant.


So how do you know he didn't slip an RFID in your drink or meal?

Those things would be great for pranks using a similar concept to Minority Report's personalized advertising.

Don't know the price. Still in the lab.

Chris :-)

cool! more stuffs to wearable projects :-)

Can public key cryptographic module be implemented on that chip?

There are issues of privacy regarding the use of RFID, and if public key cryptography can be used on the chip, some (not all) of the issues will be settled.