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Kids in Japan can't type, but they can thumb. Maybe this will get those kids to use PC's....not.

Thanks for the link Adriaan


Amazing. I am afraid sooner or later, the numeric keys for the PC will be in reversed order ;-)

Oh, man, computers mimicking the features of cellphones. Instead of improving keitai keypad usability to better match computers, we're gonna get the dumbing down of computer keyboards?

More seriously, my 2003 J-phone (Toshiba T-08) English input system is worse than the 1999 model I had before. That one set English as the default input language for messaging, since English was my default display language on the handset. this one doesn't, and doesn't easily allow me to tab through the address book listings by letter. Progress in reverse.

I've been told that typing kanji is substantially more klunky than typing an alphabetic language, since there are many more symbols in kanji, and you have to "define context" each time you hit a key so your keyborad knows which symbol to print.

Is this true? If so, does that contribute to the early adoption of thumbing by Japanese, since thumbing, however awkward, is no less awkward than the typing they'd have to do otherwise?

Well it'll wreck their thumb joints.