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It looks like most people other than Dan Gillmor prefer to have the party on the 7th at the beginning Supernova. I'd like to start closing in on the details. If you plan to be in the DC Area and would like to attend the party, please go to the Wiki Page and put your name in the wiki and vote on or suggest a venue if possible. You DO NOT have to be attending Supernova to attend this party.


Oh it's just after the first moblogging conference in Tokyo, which takes place on July 5th (for American to have an excuse to come to Tokyo for the holidays?)

Joi, will you be attending both conferences?

Yes. Attending both.

So, are Mena and I the only women attending???? Are there no female bloggers in DC?

Actually, there are lots of female bloggers in DC (see Just not sure this notice has gotten out widely...I only found out because I was using Joi's site to test my new setup. And I hope to be there!

Looks like the list is growing. Seems likely that we'll need a place that has a good bit of walking-around room, not just tables to sit at.

I'm not familiar with DC venues, so I haven't voted on a location. But I'd hate for this to end up someplace where we're all stuck sitting at tables without room to walk around and talk to each other. :(

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