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Dave Sifry, whose opinion I greatly respect, has been trying to get to the bottom of this RSS controversy. He has talked to Dave Winer on the phone in length and it appears that the issue is really the use of the name, "RSS". Please read the very interesting post (for those of you who care about RSS. ;-) ) by Sifry.


who cares?

Users wich wishe to have a really powerfull and interoperable tool. Developers need a good format to build fonctionnalities upon.

A quick list of well known supporters extracted from the page:

Blog census

And I don't know all the names.

Anyone else getting the feeling that Dave Winer is fast becoming the Yasser Arafat of the blogging world? While acknowledging his contributions, I think the community needs to ease him aside and let new leadership take over. He is alienating too many people and seems to have a hard time getting along.

It is not with harsh words that this issue will be solved.

And I think that Mark Pilgrim, even if he is right, should find somebody else to develop his argument. That will not make worse the already bad relation.