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I heard that the OS X version of NewsMonster, the RSS aggregator/reader was finished so I went to the site and paid for it. Kevin A. Burton, the author was on the #joiito IRC channel so I told him. He told me that there was another bug left in the OS X version that he needed to fix. He offered to give me my money back. I told him just to hurry up with the OS X version. He promised he would do it tomorrow. ;-) Very excited about trying NewsMonster...

[16:15] burtonator | I will fix sifry's bug tonight... then OSX tomorrow


Have you tried iChatAV yet? I've not checked the specs, but I'm hoping that it will, in the end, be something that I can use to connect with out polycom units at KMDI. Hoping...

Not sure what this has to do with NewMoster Jason, but iChatAV is great. I haven't tried the video, heard it crashes or doesn't work properly with some cameras, but the voice works great. I'm using with my PowerBook and the built in mic.

Last time I installed News Monster I had to reinstall my entire OS. I'll let you do the beta for me this time...

Just my generic OS X enthusiasm. That's all. And OSXperts are working on a fix for older cams with iChatAV

Just my generic OS X enthusiasm. That's all. And OSXperts are working on a fix for older cams with iChatAV

iChat AV crashes on my mac when i try to use video (Pyro fw cam).

newsmonster looks great - i bought it too - but it won't install properly at the moment...

I too bought Newsmonster, only to find that:

a) It doesnt work with safari
b) Mozilla-Firebird does not work with Panther (ok ok i know i shouldnt have but i did it, i converted both Powerbooks to Panther already)
c) Netscape bombs under Panther (see b above) - not all the time, just 40% of the time. And NewsMonster cant find Java...

It would be nice to get Newmonster inside of Safari...


i agree with the safari comments - can't see it happening in the near future though...

i actually don't mind using mozilla *just* for browsing news though. it's better i think that using say, netnewswire, and having to switch between browser and news client to look at stuff...

this is all theoretical though, until it installs in jaguar properly ;)

Kevin informs us that he hopes to have OS X at least testable by tomorrow. ;-)

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