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After reading the last post to Halley, acrobat asked if I was an alpha male. I don't think so. But I'll ask Halley. He asked me if I had take the Myers-Briggs test. I hadn't heard of it. It's very cool. I'm an ENFP. Hmm...


I'm an ENTJ and married to an ISFJ. The combination works well.

I'm an INFJ, married to an INTP (lots of programmers are INTP).

Do you know about the ptypes weblog?

he's got a list of weblogs (I wouldn't precisely call it a blogroll) sorted by personality type.

I'm an ENFP, Barb is an I but I don't know the rest of her letters.

Gotta watch out for these tests; they are (useful) generalizations, no more no less. People are more complex than generalizations.

Back when I first entered the workforce right after college, my employer gave me a M-B test. I was a strong INTP. I was far towards each of the I, N, T and P. Other people I know were right inbetween I and E, etc. so for those people I have to think the test is less useful.

With M-B, it's not only what you are but how strong you are on the spectrum of E-I, N-S, F-T, P-J, etc. When you do a paper M-B test with numbers, you get to see how far you are between E and I on a spectrum.

First-time ENFP (w00t!) earlier this year, after my first encounter with the test about thirty months ago pegged me as an ESTP.

I am an INTP. I found the INTP web site very interesting. As I mention in my latest blog entry, An INTP Profile scared me the first time I read it. I had to stop about a third of the way through.

My wife is an ISFJ. We've been married almost 18 years. At this point, I would say the combination works well but that might be because we've figured out how to get along with each other. Or it might be that the combination works well.

I found MBTI useful mostly for gaining a better understanding of myself.


I am an enfj. As a side-note, I recall from reading James Gleick's Faster that the whole Alpha male research has been thoroughly debunked as psuedo-science (as in the "lower" classes of males in the study, betas etc., were impaired and at a disadvantage) unless someone debunked Gleick!


I am an ISTJ type married to an ISFJ. I find that is has worked out quite nicely so far.

The first time I took this test and read the results they kind of weirded me out as well. I had to take a break before I finished reading them. So, while it was hard to take some of the results I would say they represent me really well and have helped me look at myself much more objectively.

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