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Hot off IRC. Jeff Jarvis on AOL's blog tools. You will be able to blog from IM. Hey, but we can blog from IRC. ;-)

Thanks for the link Sifry


pah, I've been blogging from Jabber for weeks!

Phil, AOL is developing its own blog tool, nothing to do with any AIMBlog gateway.

Mindsay is another service allowing blogging from IM, so far only to a blog hosted by the service, as far as I can tell.

Phil: Seems that "nothing to do" isn't actually a good description, according to Clay Shirky.

Maybe I should have put a smiley after my post. :)

My response was largely to Jeff Jarvis' "The most impressive feature: You'll be able to blog from IM (which includes AOL from your phone). That elicited many oohs from the room."

It will be very very interesting to see what community features the Journal software will have.

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