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Today is the First International Moblog Conference in Japan. It's nice having an interesting conference in Japan for a change. It's also nice cuz it's an excuse for a lot of blogger types to make it over to Tokyo. IRC has made my relationship to many bloggers more personal so it's fun seeing people I've been chatting with the last month or so. So anyway, "welcome to Tokyo mobloggers". I'm moderating a session at 11am with my brother-in-law Scott Fisher from University of Southern California, Yuichi Kawasaki of JNutella, Takashi Tostuka of Sony. I think they're going to have a blog/wiki going up which I'll blog once I know. Until then, please feel free to splatter stuff on my unofficial 1IMC wiki page that I've put on my wiki. I'll try to put stuff up from the conference. Also, I'll try to be on #joiito on as well. For more information on getting on #joiito check out the IRC channel wiki page.

Too bad we don't have a hecklebot yet.


i want to be a member of the confrence which is coming up september 2004

please i like to join the confrence and send my invitation letter so that i will able to process my visa