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Howard Dean is going to guest blog for Lawrence Lessig while he is away on vacation. It is VERY cool that a presidential candidate is blogging. It's also cool that Six Apart can now say that a presidential candidate uses Movable Type. And how cool is it to be able to say, "Howard Dean's taking care of my blog while I'm away." Nice one Larry!

Let's all welcome Howard Dean to the blog world!


I'd be much more impressed if Dean would articulate a sensible position on how to best stimulate the economy rather than attacking our current administrations fiscal policies (tax cuts). Attacking your opponent's position on an issue isn't an effective substitute for having your own. :)

How is free typepad offer to presidential election campaign?

Thanks for posting this: I've passed the info. to people I know here in Japan.

And, I think it's great: if you have questions or objections for the Dr. he's officially in!

(I can't imagine Bush blogging)

mpm, actually Howard Dean already uses Movable Type for the main blog as well.

this fact is now slashdotted. which is cool.

He's still getting the hang of it, but Dennis Kucinich has started his own weblog --

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