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I've been thinking about how I am going to use TypePad. Boris mentioned the permalink issue of switching, but I think we could probably solve that. However, I am leaning toward keeping my main blog on Movable Type so I can hack it directly and run bots and stuff. I think this site just needs a serious overhaul. There are a lot of cool features on TypePad that deal with non-text content and metadata so I'm thinking of moving my audblog, moblog, photos and my "reviews" over to my TypePad site. Anyway, I'll be messing around for awhile.

I am going to stop cross posting between this blog and TypePad because it is confusing. I was with Mena last week and she helped me answer "gee, I wonder what my site would look like on TypePad?" I couldn't resist the opportunity to have template-master-Mena design my site. ;-)

Anyway, feedback is appreciated as I try to figure out how to make all this work together. Also, please remember that TypePad is still in beta. Lots of features and documentation still to come so please be patient.


I've been playing with TypePad, too. Lots of very cool features, and I'll definitely send people to it when it's ready.

However, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to bring myself to switch. I hadn't realized how attached I'd gotten to plug-ins like Textile, SmartyPants, and SimpleComments.

I'm hoping that some of the new features in TypePad will trickle down to MT, even if it only happens in the Pro version. I'd happily pay for that.

i'm glad you're sticking with this blog joi. The typepad blog, whilst very cool looking, simply wasn't 'you'. I'm sure the advanced features of tp will filter down to mt-pro (in fact, I think you mentioned something like that last week in tokyo).

whilst it may have not been planned, this blog is visually very distinctive. to lose that would be a shame, and the tp blog would have done just that in my opinion...

you need to tidy up the *amount* of info you have on here though. maybe start moving a lot of it onto wikis - a kind of 'gone past the sell by date' wiki for all info no longer very relevant or important to your viewers immediately...

Joi, these non-permanent permalinks in Movable Type are IMO a serious flaw in the system. (URL design tends to get overlooked everywhere I look)

I've written two items on the issue on my site, in the hope that someone might be interested in fixing this in the next version of MT:

Movable Type's non-permanent permalinks

Howto: Future-proof URLs in Movable Type

I hope you find a good solution for your blog. May your permalinks be just so :-}

Well here's the deal. You don't fit the target audience for TP. You're always going to want to hack your site and that's what MT is for. I'm not going to move my regular blog since I like having access to powerful scripting languages behind the scenes but I do plan on keeping my Photoblog there since I don't need or want too much dynamic functionality there. Although comments on the photos would be nice ;-) Anyway my advice would be to keep the main blog here.

Már, Jason, very good points. You'll be pleased to know, Mar, that URLs in TypePad are much improved. See this example from my blog:

And yeah, if you're plugging into stuff that happens through editing code instead of interfacing with web standards, we've got a great product for you: Movable Type. :) That being said, I think there's room for a full-featured weblog on TypePad for Joi and maybe an experimental one here. I plan on doing the same myself.

Perhaps i'm just blind, dumb, whatever, but i can't find the rss feed of your tp-blog. Any hints?

Ok, I, like others am quite excited about weblogging as a manifestation of the RE-personalization of the web. BUT, is anyone else concerned that maybe we might be getting ahead of ourselves? Isnt there a literary equilibrium that must be maintained with web content? For it to be a system/economy there have to readers for all that published data. And to make that data accessible to readers there has to be efficient maneuverability (eg searching, mining) Quantity does not imply quality.

Regarding the permalink issue, I wonder whether TypePad will the use of an .htaccess file. Then one could map each of the old MT-style permalinks to the corresponding new TypePad permalink.

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