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I got my iSight today and downloaded QuickTime Broadcaster. I've set up streaming from my streaming server. I guess this is sort of a JoiItoTV. ;-P

Pretty boring, but if you want to see a full motion video stream of me sitting on the phone, sitting in meetings or working on my computer, check it out.

Now I've got to figure out something useful to do with this. The cool thing is that I should be able to carry this contraption around wirelessly. "Now, for our on-the-spot broadcast..."

Click more to see the stream. (If I'm broadcasting.)

If there is video here, it is live.


Went to the apple store with my daughter and got an iSight today (yesterday). Seeing Alan Karl tinker with one at Supernova was enough for me.

Feeling watched already? ;)

This is totally amazing... very good for people "working from home".

No sound? ;-)

I need to figure out a way to show whether I'm broadcasting or now. I want to be mobile so I need presense info...

i tried everywhere to get an iSight today :(

yesterday was *fun* joi. It really felt like we hung out for a while; not just chatted...

Now, maybe I should go steal the demo iSight the local reseller has?

My God, Joi, this is incredible. I'm sitting in my living room in Las Vegas as the sun comes up, watching you playing with your Mac in (apparently) bed, wearing a CRYPTORIGHT t-shirt.

Living in the future is neat, as my friend Frank says.

See it below

Very cool. Good stream quality all the way here on a Pittsbugh porch via wifi. Now go get some sleep dude. You look beat.

This is cool, but one problem with using the streaming architecture is that each user viewing my video uses up a big hunk of my outbound bandwidth. Even if that's only ~100Kb/s per user, a few feeds on a typical 1MB/384Kb aDSL link uses up the outbound channel. This is one case when a reflector/server would be helpful, where I can feed my video in a single stream to that server/reflector and then let users pull feeds from there. I have built a system to test this idea called Confmgr that's available as a beta for research purposes. Apple is way ahead of the Confmgr beta in terms of ease of use and ease of setup with iChat/AV, but Confmgr does do some things iChat/AV and QT/streaming can't, such as the reflector model, plus cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX etc.) and multi-user video (as opposed to to person-to-person only).

I've ordered my should be here in a few days. Can't wait!

Joi, I have an iSight and I was wondering about your setup. I've gotten QT broadcaster up and running, I've poked a hole in my firewall for the rstp port (554), mapped incoming connections to my mac, and still get a 404 from outside people. Do I have to have the streaming server running on my mac as well?

Yes. I have a separate QTSS server running on an X-Serve box in my office. I send a stream to that with QT broadcaster and stream from there. I think you need a QTSS server.

Actually, I found a free QTSS that works in 10.2 at version tracker (funny, apple doesn't seem to offer it anywhere).

I got it installed, broadcasting, and streaming locally, but can't seem to get outside folks to see it. It's probably just firewall port tweaking from here. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the great idea, Joi - I downloaded the QT Broadcaster to my iBook last night, then installed the "Darwin Streaming Server" (The OSS version of QTSS) on my linux server and after a few minutes was broadcasting to Canada, the US and Canary Islands.
My video camera worked well enough, but kept shutting off to save the battery, so I've just got to go get an iSight.

Living in the future is neat, as Joshua's friend Frank says. ;-)

Excellent. I've seen you live. I've seen you iSight and now I can see you anytime. Had fun at SuperNova with the iSight. Glad to see Ross made the leap, and what a great collaborative effort streaming the conference to Kevin Marks. Just wish I had the streaming server and broadcaster set up to allow multiple viewers. Ah. That's audio turned off as an option? must be...

EvoCam recognizes iSight, captures, saves or sends to email -- and has its own webserver to stream.

15 day trial, $20

You too can be a rock star (rock star lessons not included).

Haha...I was just spying on you when you put your hand over the camera. I felt like somebody was watching me watching you... ;) ..brave new panoptical future!

Hi Joi, have enjoyed reading your weblog. Ha .. is kinda strange, eerie looking at you real-time ( .. on a dialup connection), working away at this late hour. A very connected future is coming ! :)

Very very cool! Would be even cooler with audio ;)
I can't get it to work myself, though :/ Installed Broadcaster on my mac, streaming server on my linux machine, and I can access the admin interface, but I get 404 when trying to get to rtsp://myserver/, and when tuning the broadcaster to the server, it just says I was disconnected... Could some kind soul write up a quick and easy how-to? :) Thanks!

QT Broadcaster looks okay, however I can't seem to get Audio and Video in Sync. Audio seems to be fine, but Video always lags. Pitty. Greets, John

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