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Pete made a iJoiTV pop-up window for me!

Thank you Pete!


Is that supposed to be you live? or is it pre-recorded? Either way, you're way to serious looking man! :-)

Haha. It's live. I must be reading nasty mail. ;-P

That's kind of neat. I think I saw you read my comment... man I'm pathetic!

must be reading nasty mail.
Just have to make sure to turn it off when you look at the nasty websites!

(you can censor that last half if you like ;-) )

I apologize for so many comments, but I have never really seen a truly live web-cam, and this just fascinates the hell out of me. Especially in the context of blogging, which is mainly people who want to be voyered (that's my new word) Don't you just get the urge to stand up and boogie or something... some Saturday night fever maybe? hint hint...

I'm too tired to boogie.

But I'm thinking of turning audio on when I'm having interesting conversations. I need to play around with this a bit more...

The cool think is that blogs that allow html comments could be spammed with embedded live video streams. Video stream spamming! ;-)

Sorry, it's late...

Just added you to (video blog list). Very cool video blog dude!

Just saw your TV feed. It's extremely interesting. I just bought a 3G phone (NEC e606) and had my first video phone call tonight with a friend. I really like the phone even though I've had it for a day or so.

My only quibble is there is no support for Mac. :( I've tried Virtual PC 6 alnight and still no luck.

Oh Well. Keep up the great work.