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Today they were webcasting the AO2003 conference. They had a chat that they put on the screen every once and awhile. Many of the regulars from the #joiito IRC channel dropped in to the chat to do our usual heckling. During the journalists panel that Tony was moderating, the hecklers got quite active. It was "the usual". Some people were a bit rough on Tony, but he was a good sport about it. He did say, "we should charge you guys" to the hecklers, but I was thinking that they should pay US. During a discussion about telecommuniting and the Internet enabling distributed workflow, I mentioned on the chat that I was in my underwear in Tokyo. Then someone, I think Ross, put JoiTV on the big screen. Then Tony started teasing me. Heckleback! So I thought I was hecklejacking the conferencing and then I got hecklebacked. We need start a lobby for hecklers rights. ;-P

Anyway, it was good fun. Thanks Tony.


I agree with the heckleback bit, what I thought was amusing was that if you didn't buy a ticket, you didn't get to ask a question...

Not true. They were trying to get him to ask a question. And they took several questions from the BackChat.

Was a golden moment, tho.

At least the audience in Palo Alto got to see Joi on screen, in his underwear...