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I just scanned and uploaded to TypePad, my photos from the First International Moblogging Conference.

Photos taken with a Hasselblad 503CW with a CFE 80/2.8 lense and a Hasselblad D-flash 40 on Fujicolor New Pro400 negative film. Images were scanned with a Nikon Super Coolscan 8000.


I'm clearly not as photogenic as Pete is. I look like I came straight out of bed.


It was the SEATS. They messed with your mind as well as your arse. I'm beginning to think that the whole conference was designed to be some evil cult brainwashing plan by Adam... The seats placed us all in a stress-position worthy of the KGB's best efforts. Our defences were down. The only thing that got us through was humor. Thank god for irc.

Seriously though; the 'technoshamen' (alpha-geek Joi) has outdone us all with the megapixel count... And the Typepad cropping routine is very cool...

Jeez, you brought a *Hassy* just to take these mugshots? What can we expect next year? A Linhof Technica and floodlights? ;-)

I think we all look about as goo das could possibly be expected, given the massive sleep deficits we'd all accrued.

Good god am I glad this is already two full weeks into my past.

you uploaded them, but didn't put a post about them on the weblog there?

Anita, do you mean the TypePad weblog?

I'm in the process of redoing the TypePad blog to be different from this blog and focus on the lists. IE books, recipes, reviews of products and photos. Haven't figured out how to do the main blog, but am working on the lists now.

One more thing. I brought the Hasselblad to the moblogging conference as a joke. For some reason, the idea of taking snapshots with a Hasselblad at a moblog conference was funny to me. ;-p It appears that some people thought I was serious.

Also, I wanted to make sure I got a 7.8MB 36 megapixel picture of Pete on the web.

Joi:One more thing. I brought the Hasselblad to the moblogging conference as a joke

That's the impression I got.
Next year, some hardy soul might come around dragging a Linhof with a digital back connected by firewire to a PowerBook with a FOMA 3G card as a moblog setup :-)

7.8MB 36 megapixel is frightening.

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