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Boris aka Bopuc has been working on fixing the look and making the page more valid based on lots of feedback I've received. It's still a first pass and we are going to work on the navigation and other things, but let us know what you think.

Please post feeback on wiki page if possible.


noo000. text is too small. also, where's the face/blog roll on the left that I like? also, those grey buttons are too wide. I'm viewing this on a safari browser via a ti-book.

Looks like a good start. Not quite there validity-wise, but it does looks sleeker.

I like how the bar now works, nice and clean and passes the "lynx test" with success. I would, too, make it a little narrower, and perhaps put the code for the bar at the end instead of the beginning so that non-css aware (and mobile browsers limited in size) browsers can have the content first.


Ooooh, very nice start. Much cleaner looking and the dhtml sidebars are really nice. Few comments:

1 - please, please, please use this opportunity to place the sidebar below body in the html. It will make the content load much quicker on slow connections, and will make the site far easier to use on small PDA style screens.

2 - be nice if you could click on the sidebar text to close each one, its annoying to have to mouse sideways to close. Especially since only the text is active.

3 - default text size is pretty small. I don't mind personally, but noticed the smallness. And I like my text smaller then anyone so I assume its too small for a decent number of people.

Overall though looking good!

I agree with adario strange saying that the text is too small. just a minor thing really but i enjoyed the bigger text on previous joi.ito moblog. makes it easier to read.

The drop down menus are pretty cool but should have the moblog pics on main page instead of hidden in drop down menu. eye candy is important.

On the whole though a lot cleaner. Just perhaps consider the text on photos.

good job.

I like the sleeker style its more precise. Sure, the text could be a bit larger, but I prefer this to the other. I'm still working on my blog, trying to get things right.


Thanks for the feedback!
Text size: thought so. this was my personal pref but agreed it is a tad small. Will fix.
Navbar stuff: agree with everything said so far, and more! Stay tuned!
validation: I knoooow... didn't touch that aspect at all yet. :)

Also, please post suggestions to the Wiki if you can.

it looks really nice. much cleaner and yet the information is still there...

i agree with Abe about the page loading order. But this is a small technical issue and Boris can sort that out in an instant. It *does* make browsing on devices that much easier...

I would like to see some kind of imagery back in the sidebar. The faceroll and the moblog were kind of cool - but the faceroll needs updating with new images ;)

all in all; a very nice revision...

Much cleaner! I agree with Pete that moblog and faceroll could be expanded by default. It's always nice to see images. The fontsizes are fine for me, not too big, not too small. Boris did a nice job!

grey buttons are too wide ... and where is face roll? stop fooling around with your blog. you got too much time these days, joi ... ;)

Welcome to the world of what we call 'expand/collapse' menus and D HTML. Delightful - huh?

Not sure if I like the baby blue. How 'bout make that user configurable?

Joi, if you do the faceroll thing again, can I be on it? That was rather cool.


I like the new look, much cleaner, and you kept the cool menus. Nice.

Overall, the layout and color choice makes this page light and accessible. The space between the different link categories is especially nice, they cause the eye to pause and tell me that what came above is different from what follows. The gray background is nice and uniform and helps to demarcate the content from the navigation, which is repeated again at the top.

Having the Moblog images appear on_load would destroy a lot of the balance. Once people have clicked on the Moblog link, they should see thumbnails of the latest moblogs below the current image. Okay, text links will do.

/me cries and wishes he could redesign his page.

Bopuc, I hate you and curse your keyboard.

so I'm liking the moblog and faceroll being back again...

something missing from the faceroll images though... can't *quite* put my finger on it... ;)

I like it, a lot. It seems much cleaner and organized as compared to your last one.

I liked both of them though, so either is good.

I think it's much better. The comment text is too small, but I think the normal body text is fine. :)

Suggestion -- try not to post large pictures in story bodies, or it causes the text to widen too much.

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