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Halley suggested that we all need a day of silence to hear our own voice. I'm going to be on a plane for most of it, but I'm going silent in a few hours for 24 hours. No email, no blogging, nothing. Just a gray marble stone to keep me company. Halley has begun her silence already. When I come out silence hopefully I'll have something interesting to share. ;-)


Am imagining all kinds of interesting challenges for a traveller who refuses to speak. Here's hoping you have no rerouted planes, and that the security guys don't want to ask you any questions. :)

Kidding aside, travel safely, and enjoy your quiet time.

Is it a coincidence that your 24 hour silent period coincides, more or less, with the Blogathon?

That's all about blogging for 24 hours so I guess that makes your silence a kind of anti-Blogathon :)

i like this idea. i think i shall try this too. the mountains are calling my name...

I remember reading that director Leonard Nimoy (of Star Trek fame) doesn't speak on Saturdays. A personal discipline from someone who uses his voice for a living.