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Liz Lawley's recently moved her blog from: to Much nicer. She's still going through many of the problems with moving a blog. You have to make sure your permlinks don't break. Static files and images need to move over. People's blogrolls need to be updated. It's lots of work. That reminds me again why I picked the URL It is a bit egocentric, but I've gone through this URL changing process enough times now that I decided I'd pick one that I'd most likely stick with. Also, more generic names such as my "Netsurf Japan" mailing list turned into public spaces where I was no longer the owner, but more like a custodian. I decided to make the assertion this time that this blog was clearly closer to my living room than a public park. has its problems. A lot of spam is sent with as the return address for some reason. It's also a 3 letter URL so I constantly get queries whether I'm using it. Doh.

Anyway, for all of you who are thinking of starting a blog. Think carefully about your URL. It's easy to think, "hey, I'll just give it a whirl first and see if I like it." But if you do end up liking it, you're going to be stuck with that URL. Also, be careful about where you upload images and other things. Try to keep your directory structure tidy so you can move these files easily.


Thanks, Joi!

Yes, it was a serious pain in the ass to move it, and I expect it will live there for a long time. I thought seriously about putting it at, but I'd kinda like to wait on using that subdomain of until I have something that I feel is more the "big picture." Meanwhile, the mamamusings name has started to have some brand identity, so I figured I'd stick with it. (I'm pretty fond of it, too.)

BTW, weren't you supposed to be communing with a rock today instead of blogging? ;)

The rock thing starts when I get on a plane... which is like 4:30am your time.

Great discussion. I thought I would share this link as well.

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