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I can't believe it's been a year since I went to Brainstorm 2002. Brainstorm 2002 was one of the best conferences I went to last year. Brainstorms is a conference where the editors of Fortune Magazine invite 100+ people to discuss a variety of issues. I think that the 100-150 number is a very special number for conferences. It's just the right size to get a great deal of diversity, but also be small enough to allow people to get to know each other. This year, Fortune is holding the conference jointly with the Aspen Institute.

My favorite speaker last year was Shimon Peres. I blogged the event last year. I think it was the first conference I blogged live. A few quotes from my own blog.

The King of Jordan just said, "We find ourselves between Iraq and a hard place." ;-)
Shimon Peres

First, he told us that he had just received a call from the Prime Minister and that another bomb had gone off in a University...

"I have no hatred in my heart for the Palistinians."

He thinks that maybe the Palestinians may be able to build the first real Arab democracy since they are building from scratch and have watched other Arab nations and their problems.

"We are just two tragedies meeting in the same place. I hope that this doesn't turn into a third tragedy."

"I believe that the greatest liberation in the 20th century was the liberation of women."

"Since we can't build a world government, let's build a world NGO. Have the companies come together and pay insurance. Have a board of directors with members such as Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela. Totally based on volunteering. No one forcing. This may be able to handle the problems that globalization is creating."

"Television made dictatorship impossible, but it made democracy intolerable."

"What can you learn from History? Very little... History was written with red ink, wth bloodshed. We should educate our children how to imagine, not how to remember."

Some students and a Rabbi were discussing how you can tell when night is over and day has come. One student said that when you can tell the difference between a lamb and a goat, day has come. Another student said that when you can tell the difference between a fig tree and and an olive tree, the day has started. The Rabbi says, when you see and white man or a black man and you call him your brother, the day has come. When you see a rich man or a poor man and you call him your brother, the day has come.

Jack Kemp also said something like, "It doesn't matter what you know if you don't care."

If this year's conference is as interesting as last year's, I'll have a lot to blog about. I also got an OK to bring Hecklebot with me, although I haven't confirmed that there will be Internet access for us at the Aspen Institute. I'm leaving for the aiport in 5 hours. Hope to see you there or along the way.

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Hey J,

I live a few miles outside of Aspen, and I'd love to get together with you for a cup of coffee or something, or perhaps show you a little of the town if you'd like. I just sent an email to your jito@neoteny acct with contact information.

Hope we can get together, I'd love to meet you!

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