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I DID NOT know that. That's amazing. ;-p
Picture taken in Denver airport
Just arrived in Aspen. The day of silence was interesting. It accidentally coincided with the Blogathon, making me an anti-blogathon. oops.

I had to say a few things navigating the airports and other people talking was distracting, but sitting in the plane not watching movies, reading or doing anything except thinking and staring out the window was interesting. What was the most interesting was that after the initial discomfort, I wasn't bored and started exploring a very nostalgic space in my head. The scenery outside the window and the clouds were actually really interesting.

I spent the first hour or so thinking about how I was going to blog this or that thought, then I decided not to think about blogging or really think about anything particular. I tried to just "hang out with myself." Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I should do it more often. A few things to remember next time. Don't drink and eat a lot before the "day of silence". I spent the first half of the day getting my head clear. Although the plane was a good place to be quiet, I would have liked to walk around in the woods or something. Even if you are silent, noisy people around you are distracting.

Anyway, I arrived quietly in Aspen and saw a fox run across the airport parking lot. That was cool. Then I felt dizzy and realized that Aspen is at 8000 feet and that I felt dizzy last year too. Anyway, the conference will start this evening. I hope that have wifi at the Aspen Institute so you can all be there with me. ;-)


Ha. That dizziness is just your body's way of saying "Welcome to Colorado". Drink lots of water.
I wish I could be up in the mountains, too, but I must toil away at my day-to-day in the Denver suburbs. ;^)

Another thing about places as high as Aspen is suntan lotion.

The Institute is a great place - one of the few places that the Audi TT seems built for (both are Bauhaus inspired designs).

Bill Joy used to run long range 802.11 in the area and the infamous Aspen taxi resulted. I don't know if it is still around, but see if you can blog from the UltimateTaxi

Yes.. Oracle where we bill your company thousands for free open source software

re: day of silence

slience and no activity every 90-120 minutes or so, a.k.a. the 20 minute break a.k.a. leveraging the ultradian healing response a.k.a. mental refactoring (-;

When I was living in LA('96-'00), I would take often take off on a Friday night and drive out to Joshua Tree National Park, which is about 2 hours from the city limits.

Joshua Tree has both National Park land as well as BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land and I would take dirt roads to get onto the BLM land because there are fewer restrictions on usage and I wouldn't have to reserve a campground. 4X4 is pretty much a must, as well as high-clearance for the rocks and ruts.

But once you are off the Park roads and out into the backcountry, that desert is stunning in it's simplicity.

I would cook dinner, meditate or read until I got tired, and sleep the most restful sleep.

The heat of the sun would wake me up and I would make breakfast in the shade of the truck and then plan the rest of the day: sometimes rock climbing/bouldering in the Park, sometimes photography of desert flora/fauna (macro stuff) or sometimes mountain biking on the Park roads.

Out there you are beyond cell towers and you can keep the radio and iPod off. The silence of the desert is legendary and healing.

Highly recommended.

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