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Glad to see Six Apart finally moved into an office and moved out of their apartment. In Japan, they call apartments apart. When we announced our investment in Six Apart to our investors, two of them asked if we were getting into real estate investments.

Also, Anil says I'm "consorting with the enemy"... Well, Anil, what's up with that T-Shirt?

Jeff Jarvis ratted on your T-Shirt. ;-)


Congrats to Six Apart. This is really exciting news for them, they must be thrilled to be expanding and growing.

Whoohoo! And the release date/feature list/pricing info for TypePad announcement.

I find this picture even more damning, as the blogger logo sorta glows and jumps out at you... ;)

That would be your investors money paying for t-shirts, you realize. Good thing they are keeping things Ikea-priced.

I'm being frugal, wearing my old Blogger shirt and hand-assembling furniture. Ya think Joi of all people would appreciate that... :)

joi's just jealous he doesn't have a blogger t-shirt - that's all.

good luck in the new office guys...

I know Anil. I'm proud of Six Apart's frugality. I was just getting you back for the "consorting with the enemy" link on your page.

I DO have a Blogger T-Shirt. ;-)

well then, I'm jealous because I DON'T have a blogger t-shirt.

Hey Joi,

Hmm...since Anil is wearing a Blogger T I thought I would send you a BlogTV T-shirt ;)

Where should I send it?

I would like to wish you, Ben, Mena, and Anil success on your upcoming launch.

I think that both BlogTV and TypePad will bring something positive to the table.

I hope you do not think me a competitor like great big giant Google or AOL ;)

Hopefully, TypePad will allow others to ftp out just like BlogSpot does when users want to "Publish with Personality".

In any event, I wish you luck!


...daydreaming about Japanese TypePad teeshirts...

congrats to Six Apart!