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On #joiito, JMendelson asked a question and I replied with a URL. Then:

Brendyn: that's a page slap
JMendelson: a what?
Brendyn: you were page slapped :)
I wonder if Brendyn coined this word. It's a funny word.

Since I blog just about anything important that I ever think of, I end up page slapping people a lot on IRC when they ask questions that I've already answered. I wonder if it's rude? I don't think so.


Don't worry Joi-san - page slapping is completely reasonable. Nothing wrong with conciseness. It's staying up all night long, ignoring your family, having no life - is the problem.

I wish more people would do this! I hate it when I'm debating with someone and they defend themselves with a hand-wave like "I've already covered that, just look through the archives on my site, it's all there". Um, yeah, thanks. And what was the point of permalinks again?

Well I don't like explaining the same thing twice, so why should you? (-:

I agree, better to say something once well then a dozen times impatiently and fragmentedly. A link instead of cut and paste means they can browse at their convenience.

The only thing I find annoying about the practice is that people rarely add an explanation to the URL. I would much rather see: "This explains how frobozzes get gobbled:" than just a plain "". Especially on some channels you get this URL flood, and if you spend your time clicking through all of them, after a while, you no longer click on any of them.

I've been banned or kicked many times from chat rooms for this very thing, as well as for posting URL's in general which, apparently in some circles, disrupt the flow of conversation.

As others have said, why repeat ad lib what I already said once in better style.

I find myself doing it sometimes with non-blog-reading family and friends. I guess it slips out in frustration whenever I spend a lot of time explaining myself to people who can't be bothered to read what I've written. It's not that really; it's just a technology gap. I spend a lot of time on the net; they don't. So, in this case, I feel like I'm being rude, or at least impatient.

The other case, though, giving just a URL to someone who is net-savvy, is just shorthand communication. Short, sweet, and to the point.

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