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I'm sure everyone's already seen this, but I just woke up (6am here) to call a journalist in New York for an interview. He told me that there had been a blackout and he was walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn in flip-flops. He asked me to look on the web and tell him if there was any more news about whether it was a terrorist attack. I told him that it appears, according to, that the affected area is wider than just New York, but that it was not a terrorist attack. We agreed to try to talk tomorrow.

I was in Tokyo in my underwear on a Vonage IP phone, reading news from the web to a journalist in New York on a cell phone. Rah rah Internet!

UPDATE: Joshua on #joiito is logged in from his office in Times Square. His building has backup power. Amazingly, the Internet seems mostly unaffected. It looks like data centers are starting to go down...

UPDATE 2: Just talked to the reporter, Jeff, who said that he had this conversation numerous times yesterday: "It wasn't a terrorist attack." "Why do you know?" "I was talking to someone in Tokyo." ;-)


Isn't it funny how people keep revising their posts rather than flood us with new ones with each bit of news about it?

That moblog, sean, will only last as long as its light out.

All my servers are in Long Island and no downtime at all yet. Knock on wood.

Ross, it's a "moblog" on a specific event. I mean how much longer would it last? :-)

well my site has been down for sometime due to the fact the server is located in NYC.

this is killing me not having access to it but i should be thank full i have power where i am here in tokyo.

Well the internet was designed to survive a Atomic that the remaining military bases can download pornography.

Its 11:30 pm here in New York and my cable modem just came up about 3 minutes ago -- the power in this area came on at 7:30 pm tonight - more than 27 hours after the blackout....

The entire cell network went down in this neighborhood at 10:30 last night and is still not up..

What worked: I stumbled onto a new wi-fi array (quite large - must belong to Verizon or to Time Warner re their upcoming announcement of wireles cable modems for all in the fall) and it wasn't passworded yet - so I was able to IM from my Palm AIM client... but only if I sat directly across the street on the curb...

New York City 1:33 pm

I arrived in Toronto on Thursday afternoon a few hours early for the Steve Mann "Deconversation". As I sat in front of the Decon Gallery, everything went down. It is now Saturday morning and we finally got the power back here at my friend's place.

Toronto in the dark was highly commendable. Hehehe.

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