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Got iChat Streaming Icon from Kuri yesterday. It is available on the Apple site. It streams live video of you as your iChat icon. Sooo cool. You can set refresh rates from .5 sec on up. I think it's basically just changing your icon image every frame. It slows the computer down a bit, but is really amazing. All of the images move in every window, even in the buddy list. Once all of your friends get it, you get the Brady Bunch thing happening in the buddy list.

I get to be Alice! ;-p

Seriously though... This suddenly adds a whole new dimensions to the presence discussion.

Software was written by Andreas Pardeike. Nice job!


has anything of this nature been developed for other non - appple OS chat systems such as linux, windows etc?

First, thanks for this nice review. I already got quite an amount of bad mouthing because it makes iChat AV store thousands of cached images on your hard disk (when you watch a streaming icon - not when you use my software). So empty your ~/Library/Caches/ folder from time to time (is this ever empties by iChat or is this a bug?).

Anyway, all we now need is a way to find active chat rooms.

Life just keeps getting better.

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