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Brendyn has created a page that lists the online/offline status from jibot as titles and links to all of the recent blog entries of the regulars on #joiito from their RSS feeds. Very cool!

Technical synopsis from Brendyn


Way cool!

Now how about a world map like the Jabber World Map, but based on GeoURL tags in the home page?

This is a great resource. Bookmarked right away.

So how does one become a regular ? :) Would be handy if an OPML file or equivalent was created for everyones blogs too, so I can import it to Amphetadesk.

Another suggestion I'd have is to maybe have an rss feed with all this info merged so that the page displayed can be an rss feed.

I'm actually planning on writing up an OPML version as it's been requested once before...

give me a little bit of time and I'll roll it out. And, the RSS document for the whole thing is very doable as again, I'll release it once I've gotten a bit more time :)

Now if someone could make a version of paypal that allowed you to send the person some time. :)

I have to get my hands on that script! I hope it's easy to implement on my current blog...

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