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There is some software called jIRC that appears to allow you to set up a java web applet that is serves as an IRC client. I'm behind a firewall and can't get to IRC. Any chance someone would install jIRC somewhere and point it at #joiito on freenode so I can get to the channel? I n.n.n.need my IRC fix.


Thanks Kentaro!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to connect. I wonder if the applet tries to connect to IRC directly and not through your server? If that's the case, it's probably getting blocked. hmm...

I'll look into it.


Sorry to make you go through that Kentaro. I think maybe the jIRC applet I pointed to didn't do what I expected. Roji's cgi worked. I'm in. Thanks!

No problemo. Found out that Jirc doesn't support proxy connections.

Even if you are using a Java applet on a web page, you will still have your firewall issue.

If ssh or telnet are not blocked, maybe someone can provide you with a machine running a command line IRC client?

shh and telnet are blocked...

But roji's CGI is working.

If it is a matter of Identd, try connecting to a server that does not require one. Like the one for EFNet that I sometimes use at work,

I got in via Rojisan for a while but now cannot.

sorry about that - i had to pull the script (it violates the aup for that server).

i believe joi will have a "more permanent" installation shortly.

for anyone who would like to set it up, it's a very simple perl installation, code is here:

Ok, I will put it up on my server within the next 24hrs. It can be reached at the following URL:

This is awesome