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Slashdot reports that AOL is blocking referrals from Live Journal. I agree with Mena on this. It's probably a mistake. Lets not get all excited until we know more...


Hmmm... I commmented with something on this yesterday... and it doesn't seem to be here now. Wonder why.

That's odd Jason... I don't remember deleting any comment of yours. Was it on this item?

It 'seems' to have happened twice. Once last month I commented on something and went back to see a day later and it was gone. Yesterday, I just commented on this post that I was curious to hear what comes of this event, as I've not heard much online about it... and that I'm meeting with Derrick De Kerchove wednesday to talk about setting up an LJ on campus for students. We all use MT of course, but last year I ran MT with 50 students, and though it worked very well, as MT is wont to do, it was too much trouble to set up for students who are just going to blog for a 13-26 week course. That was all...

Found this interesting link as a comment to Mina's blog... from someone who's been watching the game a bit more closely perhaps.