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Two of my emails to ado got blocked by SpamAssassin today. According to him SpamAssassin message, my server was an open relay. I asked about this on #joiito and crysflame pointed to an article that explains that Osirusoft which Spam Assassin uses to check for open relays is broken. "Apparently, after having been DDOS'ed, the Osirusoft people have 'given up the ghost' and are now returning back every IP as a spam source when queried!"

So if you want to get mail from me, please reconfigure SpamAssassin as explained on the use PERL; site.

UPDATE: µthe inquirer has an article about this.


i've been hindered by Osirusoft on many occasions. They really lend weight to your 'email is broken' idea Joi. I even went so far as to send them a legal letter to which they have yet to answer... I even blogged about it back in May...

I blogged about this problem recently. It's not a technical problem. What is happening is the loss of reliable e-mail communication. When I send an e-mail to someone, I am no longer sure that it will make it past layer(s) of spam filters.

Only way to bridge this uncertainty seems to be to make a phone call, forcing the recipient will scour the Spam Folder. If you don't have the phone number, keep your fingers crossed.

Hey! I'm having the same problem with Just because the first 5 digits of my IP match a spammer in Taiwan, I'm starting to get rejected mail from my server. I used to feel think Spam blockers were a good think, until I'm on the spam list. It's a fine line between serving the internet community and some emerging police force of McCarthy-esque server scripts deciding what's good and what's not.

Of course, I wasn't intentionally blocking your emails...

This is why only content-based filtering (Bayesian, CRM114, etc.) makes sense for filtering email.

After all, what really matters at the end of the day is if the spam message has content you don't want to see. Layers and layers of heuristics don't help to solve the problem if they create more (but different!) false positives.

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